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Single-Speed, Two-Speed and Three-Speed Switches are rated at 5 amps, 125 VAC and include a mechanical interlock.
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SP-1 N/A Two-Button — Single-Speed Switch (2 N.O.)
SP-2 N/A Two-Button — Two-Speed Switch (4 N.O.) — Cumulative Action
SP-2-S1 N/A Two-Button — Two Two-Speed Double Contact Switches (4 N.O., 4 N.C., Coffing) — Non-Cumulative
SP-3 N/A Two-Button — Three-Speed Switch (6 N.O., 2 N.C.) — Cumulative Action
SP-A N/A Two-Button — Momentary On/Off Switch
SP-M N/A Two-Button — Maintained On/Off Switch
SP-PL N/A Neon Pilot Light (Small, for six-button enclosure and larger)
SP-H N/A Horn Switch (For six-button enclosure and larger)
PT-6 N/A On/Off Toggle Switch
PT-6A N/A Push-On/Push-Off Switch
PT-MS N/A Momentary Switch
PT-MS-2A N/A Two Single Speed Double Contact Switches (4-N.O.)
PT-Blank N/A Hole Blank (Rubber)
PT-PL N/A Neon Pilot Light (Large, fits in standard switch opening)
PT-7 N/A Key Switch
PT-11 N/A Two-Way Selector Switch (A-B)
PT-12 N/A Three-Way Selector Switch (A-Both-B)
PT-13 N/A Three-Way Selector Switch (Spring Return to Center)
PT-16 N/A Three-Way Selector Switch (A-Off-B)
PT-18 N/A Three-Way Selector Switch (Spring Return from Right)
PT-STMM N/A Mushroom Emergency On/Off Switch
SP-B N/A Switch Button Boot (Neoprene)
PPS-LP N/A Legend Plate Set
1 - 23 of 23 | Results Per Page | View | Unit of Measure