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All Duct-O-Wire Figure 8 conductor systems can be sized electrically by using the general and technical information contained in this brochure. For applications with special mechanical or environmental considerations, refer to the table below for the proper Duct-O-Bar System to use.
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Item #

Conductor System

Application or Usage

Technical or Installation Bulletin

Heated (HFE) Conductor System
N/A To prevent ice build-up problems such as outdoor yard cranes or indoor frozen food storage. N/A FE-01 INST and HFE Supplement
Side Contact (SFE) Conductor System
N/A Monorails and some underhung units which require special mounting hanger brackets to fit the manufacturer's tracks. Not recommended for outdoor use. N/A SFE-97INST
Totally Enclosed (EFE) Conductor System
N/A Prevents airbom contaminants from collecting on conductor surfaces. N/A EFE-95INST
8-Bar (8-BAR) Conductor System
N/A When contour cover shape is specified or requested. N/A 8-95INST
V-Bar (VFE) Conductor System
N/A For V-tracking or side contact applications requiring insulated hangers. Not recom mended for outdoor use. N/A VFE-95INST
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