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B-100-2L N/A Spring Cover Clip - Zinc Plated Steel N/A Used only to ensure alignment of the cover on laterally mounted systems.
Placed midway between hangers.
N/A 0.03 lb
B-100-2FEA N/A Clamp Hanger Set - 2 pieces N/A Clamps both sides of hanger. N/A 0.30 lb
FE-1GC N/A Flexible PVC End Cap N/A For all Figure 8 conductor bars. N/A 0.04 lb
FE-908-A N/A Nylon Anchor Pin N/A For drilled anchoring. Two required at each hanger. N/A 0.02 lb
FE-908-1M N/A Connector Tool N/A One tool usually ordered for each new system.
Used to pull two sections of bar together.
N/A 2.88 lb
FE-908-1MB N/A Connector Tool Pins - Pair N/A N/A 0.10 lb
FE-2ER-EX N/A Splice Cover - Standard black N/A Use this part number when ordering extra splice covers. N/A 0.05 lb
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