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  • CM Series 632 Close Radius Trolley

    With revolutionary advances, this shorter, more compact trolley is 50% lighter than competitive trolleys, yet every bit as tough.

    • Negotiates radius curves as tight as 7 to 10 inches
    • Made of highest quality rolled steel
    • Unique double row, ball bearing wheel design for greater wear capacity
    • Larger V-bars available for wider flange adjustment
    • For low headroom applications
    • Bearings prepacked with lifetime lubricant
    • Exclusive Dial-Fit collar quickly adapts trolley to wide range of beams and patented rails
    • Dust covers shield and protect bearings
    • Trolleys available for larger beams, rails or tracks; contact CM
    • Cast iron trolley guards available (except for 3 ton)
    • Lifetime warranty

    All capacities can be supplied for S-beams larger than listed and also for wide flange beams, rails or tracks with approximately equivalent flange widths.

  • CM Series 84A Trolley

    Manufactured for heavy duty, industrial grade applications.CM Series 84A trolleys feature fully sealed, precision bearings, heavy duty side frames and fully machined wheel tread for superior performance and long life — with minimal maintenance.

    • Available in capacities from1/4 through 25 ton with 30 through 50 ton trolleys available as tandem construction.
    • Lifetime lubricated, precision ball bearings on trolleys through 3 ton capacity. Trolleys with capacities 4 tons and greater are equipped with eight sealed, Timken tapered roller bear ings and grease fittings.
    • Heavy rolled steel side frames extend beyond the wheels to provide these trolleys with superior strength, rigidity and added protec tion for the trackwheels. Units with capacities fromI/4 through 12 tons employ universal wheel treads for use on flat or tapered beam flanges. Units with capacities from 16 through 25 tons operate on American Standard I-beams with tapered flanges. For patented track, consult factory.
    • Trolley wheels are fully machined from alloy cast iron and hardened for high strength and long life.
    • Alloy steel axles and equalizer pins are heat treated for maximum strength and wear life.
    • Geared versions have fully machined trackwheel gears and incorporate a swinging chain guide which keeps the hand chain aligned and free from jamming.
    • Available to fit a broad range of wider flange beams and patented track applications not listed - contact factory.
    • Spark resistant models available — add suffix "SR"

    For wide flange beam adaptation, patented track or for beams larger than standard - contact factory.
    8 Ft. standard zinc plated hand chain drop on geared trolley.

  • CM Series 80 Trolley for Hook Mounted Hoists Push Type

    Hook Suspension

    • Available in 1/4 ton to 3 ton capacities
    • Can be used with any hook suspended hoist
    • Runs on either American Standard or wide flange shapes
    • Trolley side frames feature all steel construction for strength and durability
    • Steel wheels with hardened treads and ball bearings provide easy and long life
    • Hand geared trolleys are ideal for accurate positioning and long lifts
    Rigid Mount
    • For use with lug suspended hoists such as the CM AirStar or AirStar 6
    • Available in 1/2 to 3 ton Trolleys attach directly to the lug brackets on the hoist
    • Offers minimum headroom
    • Push, hand geared, or motorized models available
    • On hand geared models, anti-tilt rollers eliminate the tilting of the trolley when operating with a light load
    • Features a lifetime warranty and are made in U.S.A.

  • CM Series 633 Wide Range Trolley

    Simple, rugged, built for trouble-free service and ease of operation across a wide range of beam applications. Series 633 features:

    • Rugged steel side plates formed to include bumpers and trolley guards
    • Frames connected by steel equalizer pin, secured by two nuts on each side
    • Universal tread flanged trackwheels equipped with shielded ball bearings
    • Easy rolling on American standard shapes, wide flange shapes or patented rail
    • Hardened wheels and axles for added strength and durability
    • Spacer washers can be shifted inside or outside for easy adjustment to wide range of beams
    • To be used with hook suspended hoist
    • Suspension plate for easy attachment is standard
    • Bearings prepacked with lifetime lubricant
    • One-year warranty
    • Imported

  • CM RailStar Motor Driven Trolley

    • Fits wide range of beam sizes for maximum versatility
    • Universal use with any hook suspended single speed hoists that are equipped with reversing contactor
    • Steel plate side frames
    • Steel spur gearing for optimum strength and smooth operation
    • Durable hardened cast iron track- wheels that operate on standard S-beams or flat flanged beams
    • Lifetime lubricated double row ball bearings for high efficiency, low maintenance
    • Cast iron control enclosure
    • Four-button control station included for operating single speed hoist. Drop proportioned to 20' lift
    • 115 volt control circuit
    • Trolley guards standard
    • One-year warranty
    • Metric rated
    • lmported