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  • CM Hoist Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist

    The balanced, integrated, proven design of the Lodestar has made it the most popular electric chain hoist in the industry. Lodestar gives you more value for your money including:

      •Quick change voltage board-change from low voltage to high voltage by simply repositioning receptacle; •Up to 3 ton capacities for heavy-duty industrial applications; •Gear train lifetime lubricated with non-oxidizing grease; •Precision machined and hardened liftwheel with hardened chain guides for precise chain liftwheel fit; •Gearing designed for exceptionally long life and quiet operation; •H4 duty standard; •Rugged control station (NEMA 4X); •Hoist duty motor, standard Protector overload device and standard screw type limit switches

      •Hardened, forged steel, latch type hooks and Hoistaloy load chain for long, dependable service; •Easy to install and maintain; •No special tools required to disassemble; •Lifetime warranty; •Each hoist thoroughly inspected and tested to over 125% of rated load prior to shipment; •Meets ASME B30.16; •Metric rated; •Made in U.S.A.

  • CMHoistSeries635LowHeadroomTrolley_HR

    Rigid lug suspension required for attaching to hoist. Prices apply to standard flange adjustments. Apply for prices on other than standard.
    Apply for other speed prices. Std. P.B. Drop is 16' - 3" on MDT

  • CM Lodestar Chain Containers Complete

    • Convenient for slack chain storage
    • Simple one pin attachment for easy installation
    • Security cable included
    • Available for every Lodestar and Valustar model

  • CM Fabric Chain Bags

    CM's chain bags offer an alternative to the standard metal chain container for use with Lodestar or Valustar electric chain hoists, Chain bags are made from an open weave vinyl coated polyester designed especially for extended outdoor life. Not recommended for applications over 300°F, in extremely caustic environments or for chain weight exceeding 300 lbs.

    Features include:

    • Flexible and lightweight material
    • Dampens noise
    • Will not hold water
    • Excellent resistance to ultraviolet rays, mildew stains, rot and weather
    • Moisture resistant - quick drying
    • High tensile and tear strength
    • Abrasion resistant
    • No shrinkage
    • Bags and brackets are suitable for chain weights up to 300 pounds

  • CM Lodestar XL Electric Chain Hoist

    Columbus McKinnon introduces an expanded line of Lodestar XL electric chain hoists for lifting applications from 2 to 7 1/2 tons. The new offering provides heavy-duty hoists featuring faster speeds, less reeving, and higher capacities than traditional chain hoists. Workers in automotive plants, heavy equipment manufacturing, paper mills, and related rugged work environments will experience the same dependability and versatility that they have relied on for many years.

    The NEW features of the Lodestar XL Electric Chain Hoist include:

    • Lifting capacities up to 7 1/2 tons
    • Increased lifting speeds throughout the line
    • Double reeved units with 3-5 ton lifting capacities
    • Maximum lifting speed of 30 feet per minute
    A glimpse of the many features of the Lodestar XL that have honed its reputation for durability and long life:
    • Heavy-duty, multiple disc braking system
    • Forged ten-pocket oblique-lay liftwheel for smooth chain operation, constant chain speed, and reduced chain wear
    • Gearing operated in oil bath for increased lifting life and quiet operation
    • Rated H-4, heavy-duty
    • Standard overload protector
    • Screw-type limit switches
    • Thermally protected motor
    • Factory tested at 125% of rated capacity
    3.5 H.R XL Models (unshaded) —Available in single speed, 3:1; two speed, variable speed
    5.5 H.R XL Models (shaded) - Available in single speed, variable speed

  • CM ShopStar Electric Chain Hoists

    The ShopStar electric chain hoist features rugged construction and high H4 duty cycle. It keeps lifting and lifting, up to 1,000 pounds and 300 motor starts per hour.
    Additional features and benefits include:

      • H4 duty cycle (300 motor starts/hour) Easy installation and maintenance; • Standard protector overload device; • 10 pocket oblique lay liftwheel provides longer chain wear; • Epoxy powder coat finish; • 6V2 ft. power cord with molded 3 prong plug on 115 volt units; • NEMA 4 industrial rated control station; • Optional impact-resistant chain container available; • Gear train lifetime lubricated with non-oxidizing grease; • CM Hoist Alloy Load Chain (zinc plated optional); • Thermally protected hoist duty motor; • Dual braking system — D.C. plus regenerative; • Rugged cast aluminum alloy hoist frame; • 5:1 design factor; • Small, compact design for commercial & industrial applications; • Rigid hook suspension prevents tangling of power cord; • Hardened forged steel latch style lower hook rotates 360°; • Totally enclosed non-ventilated hoist frame protects motor from environmental contamination; • True vertical lift; • Precision bearings used throughout hoist; • Lifetime warranty

  • CM Valustar Electric Chain Hoist

    Designed specifically for general commercial applications. This compact, lightweight hoist features:

      • Fully machined and heat treated liftwheel with hardened chain guides for smooth chain operation and reduced chain wear; • Standard lift 10, 15 & 20 ft.; • 5 ft. power cord length; • Heavy-duty caliper type AC brake; • Rugged NEMA 4 control station, 115 volt control circuit; • Easy to install and maintain; • Hoistaloy load chain for smooth operation and maximum chain life; • Efficient regenerative braking system to avoid heat generation in power train; • Enclosed hoist duty motor; • Gear train lifetime lubricated with non-oxidizing grease; • Latch type hooks; • Hook suspension standard; • Fully machined and heat treated gear train; • Standard overload Protector device; • H3 duty-1 phase; H-4 duty-3 phase; • One-year warranty; • Metric rated

  • CM Powerstar Electric Chain Hoist

    Designed specifically as an alternative to wire rope hoists for high speed lifting of loads from 2 to 20 tons in a space saving chain hoist.

      • H-4 or better rated duty cycle; • Designed for heavy-duty industrial applications from 2 to 20 ton capacities; • Liftwheel has machined chain pockets and is heat treated alloy steel for maximum strength and wear resistance; • Efficient regenerative braking system avoids heat generation in power train; • Motors up to 7 1/2 h.p. provide a wide range of lifting speeds; • Single or two speed controls. Two speed models operate on 3:1 speed ratio; • Standard adjustable upper and lower screw limit switches; • Standard overload Protector device; • Hoistaloy load chain can be easily inspected for wear and abuse; • True vertical lift; • Factory tested to 125% of rated capacity prior to shipment; • Metric rated except for 10 & 20 ton capacities; • Rugged aluminum alloy hoist frame; • Chain guide surrounds liftwheel; • Machined and hardened steel Helical gears used throughout hoist for optimum performance and mechanical efficiency.; • Extensive use of life-lubricated bearings plus sealed oil bath power train reservoir for minimum maintenance.; • Dual braking system; • Heavy duty, industrial single speed controls include magnetic reversing contactor which operates on 115 volts provided by a control transformer,; • Totally enclosed, ball bearing, 30 minute rated, thermally protected, hoist duty motor is standard.; • Push button control is weatherproof (NEMA4rated).; • Drop of push button control is 4 ft. above hook at lowest position, unless otherwise specified.; • External push button chain strain relief is standard.; • Power cord length is 2 1/2 ft. unless otherwise specified.; • Trolley design permits easy adjustment for installation on a broad range of beam flange widths.; • Trolley wheels have double row, tapered roller bearings plus machined and hardened universal treads to permit operation on American Standard or flat flanged sections interchangeably.; • Spur gearing used in all motorized trolleys for improved efficiency and durability.; • Drop of hand chain on geared trolleys is 2 ft. above hook at lowest position, unless otherwise specified.; • Designed to be maintained "on the beam."; • Up to 600 lineal feet of chain; • Weatherproof (NEMA3R); • Lifetime warranty

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    Standard hand chain drop is in proportion to 20 ft. lift. For other lifts, apply to the factory.

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    Apply for other than standard trolley speeds and for other than standard beam adjustment