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  • BUDGIT Rigid Mount Trolley

    • Designed especially for use with lug suspended BEHC, 6000 Series, 2200 Series and USA Models.
    • Ideal for low head room applications where distance from floor to I-beam is limited.
    • Trolley side plates are of all-steel construction providing maximum strength.
    • Wheels have hardened dual treads ensuring long life and operate on ball bearings for easy travel. Pressure fittings are provided in wheel axels to simplify lubrication.
    • Dual treads allow trolley to run on both I-beam and width flange type beam applications. Optional patented type wheels available for patented track systems.
    • Hand-geared models, the hand chain operated wheel turns a pinion which meshes with steel gears for ease of operation and accurate spotting. Chain guide provided to ensure chain alignment with wheel.
    • Anti-tilt rollers are provided on hand-geared trolleys to eliminate the tilting of trolley on beam when operating with a light load or without a load.
    • Optional safety drop stops and bumpers available.
    • Spark resistant models available, heavy duty rigid mount trolleys.

  • BUDGIT Hook Suspension Trolley

    • Capacities from 1/4 to 5 ton (metric rated).
    • Trolley sides are of all-steel construction for maximum strength
    • Wheels are steel with hardened treads and roller bearings for easy traversing and long life
    • Self aligning frames keep the load equally distributed, and are adjustable to fit several sizes of beams
    • Wrap-around side plates provide built in drop stops to increase operator safety and act as a bumper to protect wheels
    • Push trolleys are an economical alternative for low duty cycle, lighter capacity applications with lifts under 20 feet
    • Hand geared trolleys are designed for applications requiring close control of horizontal movement of the hoist and its load
    • Hand geared trolleys are deal for those applications where an operator shouldn’t be near or touch the load to move or position it

  • BUDGIT Series 633 LoadLifter Ball Bearing Trolley

    • Rugged steel side plates formed to include bumpers and trolley guards
    • Frames connected by steel equalizer pin, secured by two nuts on each side
    • Universal tread flanged trackwheels equipped with shielded ball bearings
    • Easy rolling on American standard shaped, wide flange shapes or patented rail
    • Hardened wheels and axles for added strength and durability
    • Spacer washers can be shifted inside or outside for easy adjustment to wide range of beams
    • To be used with hook suspended hoists
    • Suspension plate for easy attachment is standard
    • Bearings prepacked with lifetime lubricant
    • One-year warranty

  • BUDGIT Series 632 Close Radius Trolley

    • Negotiates radius curves as tight as 7” - 10”
    • Made of the highest quality rolled steel
    • Unique double row, ball bearing wheel design provides five times greater wear capacity
    • Larger V-bars available for wider flange adjustment
    • For low headroom applications
    • Bearings prepacked with lifetime lubricant
    • Exclusive Dial-Fit collar quickly adapts trolley to a wide range of beams and patented rails
    • Dust covers shield and protect bearings
    • Trolleys available for larger beams, rails and tracks; contact factory
    • Cast iron trolley guards available (except for 3 ton)
    • Lifetime Warranty
    A Compact Close Radius Trolley
    With revolutionary advances, this shorter, more compact trolley is 50% lighter than competitive trolleys, yet every bit as tough.

  • BUDGIT Push and Geared Trolleys

    • Capacities 1/4 - 25 tons
    • Heavy rolled steel side frames extend beyond the wheels providing superior strength and added protection for trackwheels
    • Thick section steel clevis suspended from steel equalizer pin. Alloy steel axles and equalizer pins are heat treated for maximum strength and wear life.
    • Trolley wheels are fully machined from alloy cast iron and hardened for high strength and long service life. Units 1/4 through 16 tons employ universal wheel treads for use on flat or tapered beam flanges. 25 ton model operates on American Standard I-beams with tapered flanges. For patented track, consult factory.
    • Lifetime lubricated, precision ball bearings standard on units through 3 ton capacity. 4 ton trolleys and greater feature eight, sealed Timken, tapered roller bearings and grease fittings.
    • On hand-geared models, a hand chain operated wheel turns a machined steel drive pinion, engaging the two geared wheels.
    Wheels with convex treads are standard on all capacities 1/4 - 20.
    20, 25, 30 and 40 ton trolleys can be furnished in tandem construction - Dimensions for 30 tru 50 ton upon request.

  • BUDGIT Motor Driven Trolley

    • Steel frame side plates extend beyond the wheels for end stop contacts. Side plates have tapped holes for collector bracket attachment. Optional safety drop stops and bumpers.
    • Wheels are forged heat-treated steel with contour tread for use on American Standard I-beam or wide flange beams.
    • Traverse motor is 30-minute rated, totally enclosed non-ventilated with class “F” insulation and TAS as standard.
    • Traverse gearing is housed in a heavy duty right angle drive reducer with output pinion meshing with machine cut wheel gears.
    • Trolley controls are housed in a NEMA 1 enclosed panel mounted on the trolley side for easy access. The controls include a reversing contractor, terminal strip and NEMA 4X pendant station with hoist and trolley push-button controls as standard.
    Always specify voltage when ordering. Voltages available: 115/230-1-60, 208-230/460-3-60, 575-3-60 115/230-1-60 is not available on trolleys for two speed hoists or two speed trolley.
    Two speed trolleys have a 3:1 speed ratio. Standard pendant drop from trolley is 7 feet. Longer cables are available.
    Trolleys are equipped with 3-foot length power supply cable. Longer lengths are available.

  • BudgitAirMotorDrivenTrolley_HR

    • Steel frame side plates extend beyond the wheels for end stop contacts. Side plates have tapped holes for optional safety drop stops & bumpers.
    • Wheels are forged heat-treated steel with contoured tread for use on American Standard tapered or wide flang flat flange beams.
    • Wheel bearings are sealed lifetime lubricated precision ball bearings
    • Traverse gear reducer is rugged right angle drive reducer with output pinion meshing with machine cut wheel gears. The drive units are shipped with high-grade synthesized hydrocarbon oil for excellent gear protection and wide temperature range capacities.
    • Eight vane air motor provides high torque, smooth starting and excellent control.
    • Pendant throttle control provides precise, controlled spotting and efficient load handling.
    • Spark resistant models are available for those areas where protection is needed in a hazardous environment. They contain all the same features except for the introduction of a spark resistant bronze wheel.
    • Air consumption: 50 SCFM, Air pressure recommended: 90 PSI
    Equipped with 7 foot pendant control hose.
    Always specify the hoist catalog number that will operate with the trolley.
    Models for patented track with narrow flat tread steel wheels are available.
    Models with extended beam flange adjustment are available.