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  • BUDGIT ShopHoist Electric Chain Hoist

    For over 60 years, Budgit® Electric chain hoists have been designed and manufactured for tough jobs. Since 1935, Budgit® has led the industry in innovation, quality, and dependability. These compact, lightweight, economical hoists are built to withstand the rigors of heavy service and repeated lifting cycles. They are easy to service, require minimal maintenance, and offer excellent headroom.

    Budgit Hoists are designed for H4 duty (300 starts/hour, 30 minutes/hour on time), which meets most heavy duty industrial applications. BUDGIT’s range of specifications and features have made it the perfect solution for thousands of hoists sold in industries such as:

    • Automotive Industry
    • Fabricating shops/ machine shops
    • Manufactured Housing Industry
    • Shipping receiving and warehousing
    • Chemical Plants
    • Lumber Mills
    • Foundries and Steel Mills
    • Textile
    • Pulp and Paper
    • Marine
    • Construction
    • Plastics
    Budgit also offers special hoists for specific industries

    Food Handling and Pharmaceutical
    Options include clean hoist (no paint) or FDA approved epoxy enamel paint, stainless steel lower block, hooks and chain and food grade oil for gear transmission.

    Corrosion Resistant / Plating Applications
    Options include zinc-plated load chain and hooks, zinc-plated or anodized lower block, motor shaft seal and sealing of electrical joints.

    Explosion Proof and Spark Resistant Features
    Hoist options allow for use in Class 1, Div. 2, Group C & D applications and Class 2, Div.2, Group F & G Options include NEMA 7 panel for Class 1, Div. 1 and NEMA 4/12 panel for Class 2, Div. 2, stainless steel load chain, hook & lower block and intrinsically safe relays.

    Precision Handling
    Budgit offers a wide range of hoisting speeds to suit your application. Optional 2-speed control (3:1 speed ratio) or variable frequency control (10:1 speed ratio) will offer precision handling control of loads.

    Outdoor Service
    Weather resistant options such as zinc–plated load chain, water resistant covers and sealing of electrical joints make the hoist a good choice for use in outdoor applications.

  • BUDGIT ShopHoist Electric Chain Hoist

    • Easy installation and maintenance
    • Standard protector overload device
    • 10-pocket,oblique lay liftwheel for smooth chain operation, constant chain speed and reduced chain wear
    • NEMA 4, industrial-rated control station
    • Gear train lifetime lubricated with non-oxidizing grease
    • Alloy load chain for smooth operation and maximum chain life
    • Thermally-protected hoist duty motor
    • Dual brake system - D.C. plus regenerative
    • Rugged cast aluminum alloy hoist frame
    • Small, compact design for commercial applications
    • Totally enclosed, non-ventilated hoist frame protects the motor from environmental contamination
    • Optional impact-resistant chain container is available
    • Rigid latch style upper hook prevents tangling of power cord
    • Precision bearings used throughout the hoist
    • Hardened forged steel latch-style lower hook rotates 360º
    • True vertical lift
    • Lifetime Warranty

  • BudgitSeries6000AirHoist_HR

    The first Budgit Air Hoist was introduced in 1958 in response to an industry need for an economical, high-performance air hoist. Constant improvements in design have kept Budgit Air Hoists ahead of changing industry demands.

    Budgit Air Hoist Advantages

    • Precise Load Spotting
      Lifting and lowering speeds are continuously variable from zero to maximum.
    • Operates In Extreme Heat
      The air hoist motor is designed for operation under conditions of relatively high ambient temperatures without need for special protection.
    • Higher Speeds
      For applications where speed is a critical factor in production, Budgit air hoists provide very fast lowering speeds.
    • Free From Hazard of Electrical Shock
      Since compressed air is the power source, Budgit Air Hoists have a distinct advantage over electrical shock hazards especially in wet locations.
    • Spark Resistant Features
      Spark resistant options allow air hoists to be used in areas where danger of combustion or explosion from atmospheric conditions exist.
    • Easier To Maintain
      There are no contactors, transformers, motor windings, fuses, etc. that are typical in electric hoists that need to be checked or replaced. As long as air going into the air motor is good and lubrication is supplied to the air motor, the Budgit Air Hoist is very easy to maintain.

  • BUDGIT Air Hoist Accessories, Filter - Lubricator Units
  • BUDGIT Rigid Mount Trolley