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  • BudgitSeries6000AirHoist_HR

    • Die-cast aluminum frame - lightweight, rugged, holds shafts and bearings in close alignment
    • Gearing - combination of precision cut, heat treated helical and spur gears for quiet, efficient operation
    • Mechanical load brake - positive action, spring biased Weston type load brake holds the load and provides exact load spotting and control
    • Overload protection - MANGAURD overload device protects against excessive overloads... clutch also acts at upper and lower limits
    • Multi-vane rotary air motor - eight vanes provide high torque smooth operation, positive starting and excellent control
    • Internal Muffler - reduces sound level
    • Pendant control - pendant throttle handle is of the full flow design for excellent load spotting capabilities
    • Throttle valve - percision throttle valves meter the air for smooth operation

    Basic Hoist Data

    Air Consumption
    70 SCFM (full load-full speed) slow speed model;
    80 SCFM (full load-full speed) fast speed model.
    Pendant Control Hose
    6 foot pendant hose standard for 10 foot lift hoist, longer hose assemblies up to 36 foot available.
    Lift - 10 foot lifts are standard. Additional lifts available .

  • BUDGIT Series 2200 Air Hoist - 10 ft Lift

    • Pull cord control provides a lightweight, economical hoist for accurate control of loads
    • Pendant throttle control hoists offer ergonomic one-handed controls, for ease of operation
    • Inlet air swivel with built-in strainer provides free hoist movement
    • Aluminum frame and end cover contributes to the lightweight, easily portable, and rugged design
    • Heavy duty shoe type brake is a proven design for stopping and holding loads in heavy duty applications
    • External adjustment screws for decreased lift and lower speeds
    • External brake adjustment
    • Limit stops prevent over-travel in upper and lowering directions
    • Equa-torque gearing of alloy steel, heat treated spur gears is accurately machined to provide a close meshed, compact gear reduction
    • Eight-vane motor provides high torque, smooth starting and excellent control
    • Tapped exhaust port 1/2 NPTF... for CLEAN applications or to add a supplemental muffler in addition to the built-in muffler for even quieter operation

    Basic Hoist Data

    Pendant Control Hose
    6 foot length is standard. Longer lengths are an optional extra up to 72ft available.
    Control - Pull cord or pendant throttle
    Lift - 10 foot lifts are standard. Additional lifts available

  • BUDGIT Series 600 Air Hoist - 10 ft Lift

    • 10-pocket oblique-lay liftwheel provides longer chain life
    • Epoxy powder coat finish is smooth and tough
    • Double reduction gearing
    • Variable flow, two-lever pendant for precise load spotting
    • Threaded external exhaust for piping away exhaust in clean room or painting operations
    • Rugged cast aluminum alloy hoist frame. Small, compact design for commercial and industrial applications
    • Industrial-duty air motor for tough requirements
    • Gear train is lifetime-lubricated with non-oxidizing grease
    • Hardened, forged steel, latch-style lower hook rotates 360º. Upper hook provided with a positive load engagement.
    • Chain bucket optional

  • BUDGIT TMM140 Air Hoist - 6'6'' Lift

    • Capacity: Rated loads 300 lbs./140 kg.
    • Efficient rotary vane motor provides high uniform torque for quick response and smooth, quiet operation.
    • Handle-mounted pendant control for one-handed operation and load positioning.
    • Precise and infinite speed control for accurate load spotting.
    • Self-winding lifting cable stores conveniently inside unit.
    • Swivel top and bottom hooks with safety latches standard, for portability and quick installation.
    • Secures load and eliminates drift when pendant is released.
    • A 3/8” NPT air filter-regulator-lubricator is needed for effective operation. Spark resistant features are not available.
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • Ideal Applications
      - Assembly Line
      - Machine Shops
      - Cleaning and/or Dipping Operations
      - Manufacturing Plants
      - Power Generating Stations
      - Shipping Departments
      - Chemical Facilities
      - Fabricating Shops
      - Repetitive Lifting Applications
      - Auto/Truck Repair
      - Handling Fixtures and Dies