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Duct-O-Wire Conductor Bar

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Duct-O-Wire Figure 8 Conductor Bars are furnished as assemblies consisting of a ten-foot long conductor bar rated at 600 volts, an insulating cover, splice cover, and connector pins or joint clamps as applicable.
The insulating cover must be appropriate for the environment — indoor, outdoor, or high temperature — in which the conductor is to operate.
Indoor systems are for use in ambient temperatures up to 160°F. They have an Orange PVC Insulating Cover. They are not recommended for outdoor use in direct sunlight.
Outdoor systems are for use in direct sunlight and ambient temperatures up to 160°F. They have a Gray PVC Insulating Cover with an ultraviolet additive.
High temperature systems are for use in ambient temperatures up to 280°F. They have a Yellow Lexan lnsulating Cover.
From the table to the right, you can select the basic (FE) conductor assembly with the appropriate bar and insulating cover for your application.

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Item #



Weight per 10" Section

Amperage Rated Continuous

Amperage Rated Intermittent


FE-758 Galvanized Steel 10 ft 4.50 lb 90 A 135 A FE-758-2 (Indoor Use)
FE-758-2-SC (Outdoor Use)

FE-758-2XHT (High Temp. Use)
FE-908 Galvanized Steel 10 ft 6.50 lb 110 A 165 A FE-908-2 (Indoor Use)
FE-908-2-SC (Outdoor Use)

FE-908-2XHT (High Temp. Use)
FE-1608 Stainless/Copper Laminate 10 ft 6.50 lb 160 A 240 A FE-1608-2 (Indoor Use)
FE-1608-2-SC (Outdoor Use)

FE-1608-2XHT (High Temp. Use)
FE-2008 Copper/Steel Laminate 10 ft 6.25 lb 250 A 350 A FE-2008-2 (Indoor Use)
FE-2008-2-SC (Outdoor Use)

FE-2008-2XHT (High Temp. Use)
FE-3008 Rolled Copper 10 ft 6.75 lb 350 A 530 A FE-3008-2 (Indoor Use)
FE-3008-2-SC (Outdoor Use)

FE-3008-2XHT (High Temp. Use)
FE-5008 Extruded Copper 10 ft 11.50 lb 500 A 750 A FE-5008-2 (Indoor Use)
FE-5008-2-SC (Outdoor Use)

FE-5008-2XHT (High Temp. Use)
  Results 1 - 6 of 6 1 
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